sky and jonah

i began this acrylic painting last summer and although i don’t think it’s finished, i kind of like it how it is right now. tell me what you think! from the beginning to present:

9th street and 7th avenue

I am so excited to start painting enamel on Plexiglas again. I have taken a break the past few years because I haven’t had a space. Now I have a lovely little space and many ideas for paintings! Here is my space and some images of a painting I started 6-7 years ago and have been working on this week.

First post

I am starting this post to showcase my artwork and so my students have an example of the type of digital portfolio I expect from them.

9th street

Brushing up my oil painting skills, I decided to paint a Brooklyn scene for my son’s room. I started with a 30″ x 40′” canvas and primed it with blue and purple acrylic paint.     Using oil paint, brushes, palette knives, etc., I began the painting…. I don’t think I am finished…. I think the bright blue and purple kind of distract from…