LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts
Dr. Lisa Mars, Principal
Ms. Stephanie Rosado, Assistant Principal Art
Ms. Riley, Art Teacher
Student Contract and Web Permission Slip for Advanced Painting
Requirements of the Course:
    • Create and maintain an artists website in WordPress to show completed  paintings as well as the progress of each painting.
    • The wordpress will be used as part of the midterm and final assessment.
    • Attend class regularly and punctually.
    • Presentation of work at various points of the semester.
    • Visit a NYC museum or gallery and prepare a written report with an analysis of the art.
    • Complete a Common Core writing assignment that may be a component of the museum report.
Standards for Grading:
40% Class participation/class work
30 % Exams, quizzes, and studio assessments
20% Class preparation and homework
10% Projects and reports
I have read the requirements and grading standards listed above for Ms. Lombardi’s Advanced Painting Class.
I give permission for my daughter/son _____________________________________________________________to post artwork on a wordpress blog for online public viewing, as part of the painting class assignment in creating and maintaining an artist’s website and online portfolio.
I have considered the option of having my daughter/son use her/his full name on the website. I give permission for her/ his full name to be visible to the public along with the artwork. ____________________________________ additional signature required
I agree to periodically view and monitor my daughter’s/son’s painting website at url: ____________________________________ .wordpress.com
_________________________________________ parent signature     _____________ date
_________________________________________ parent e-mail         _________________________________________ phone contact info


___________________________________________________ student signature





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